20+ Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas to Help Build Better Habits

Many people have shibboleth that habits cannot be changed, obviously, they don’t know anything about habit tracker bullet journal. Bullet journals can be a great tool if you desire to identify, change or even track your habits.

Writing everything down in an organized manner and deciding a format based on certain factors can lead you to track down your moods. Many people have used this formula as per their requirements of days, weeks, or months!

If you’re a protagonist Stephan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert fan, you will have an idea about how journaling can be addictive and to the people who are used to it, it is everything. It helps you in keeping your life and yourself in order. It is your one single remedy for millions of your problems. If you don’t know anything regarding the same, read a guide on starting a bullet journal.

Habit Trackers -Touching the Surface

Even in the digital era, jotting down what goes in your mind with pen on a paper hasn’t lost its versatility. However, bullet journals are relatively different than your regular to-do lists and planners. They have got a more creative front and so have a bullet journal habit tracker.

A bullet journal is heaven, especially for artistic people. You can give life to your imagination, no kidding! Anything you have in your mind, any random picture or an idea that you’re obsessing about; just draw it away on paper, and that’s it; you’re absolutely good-to-go! The habit tracker bullet journal requires a bit more detail though.

If you have just seen these dope habit tracker bullet journal ideas on Instagram and the web, but you don’t have any ideas regarding how to make them or use them, don’t worry; we’ve got you completely covered on this one!

mood tracker

Humans and Their Habits

Human mind and heart, these two things are a bit complicated ones. What goes inside a human’s mind and what’s happening to the heart can never be known, obviously unless you’re a neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic!

On a serious note, you’ll agree with us that you, yourself go through many emotions. Happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, sorrow, and so many more. But these emotions work as a great tool for determining your mood. And the collection of your moods will regulate your overall habits. And that’s when the bullet journal habit tracker comes into the picture.

According to a study, on average people make their decision as a part of their habits for more than 40% of the things that they do. What we are and what we do is a result of our habits. Thus, we must maintain some good ones. And habit tracker journal can be very helpful for that purpose.

There are days when you feel gloomy, and you try so hard to retaliate against it, but you just can’t! And neither should you try to. Instead, you can carefully figure out how did you end up there, and it is a long process, but worth your while. You can even make the journey beautiful by using an aesthetic habit tracker journal!

Why Do You Need Habit Tracker Bullet Journal?

Remember the ideal TV character that you adore so much, not only romantically, but even morally. You see them, and think only if the whole world was like this character, the Earth would be such a good place to exist in! Well, first things first; let us all become those human beings. Let’s imbibe those characteristics in us and be the change we want to see in the world. And it’s not such a difficult task after all! You just have to develop certain habits, and hey! You’ll be absolutely good to go!

Now for those people who say it takes on 21 days to form a habit and get addicted to it. Let’s be honest, every individual is different, and every single thing is subjective for everyone out there. People take their own time to get used to things and adjust themselves in distinguished situations. Some might do it before 21 days, or some might take an even longer period of time. And honestly, journaling is different than scheduling.

Stay Determined With Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

The bottom line here is that it is important to stay determined to your goal. And in this case, the goal is to maintain your good habits and break the cycle of old and toxic habits and a habit tracker bujo will be perfect for that purpose!

Just have an undying belief that you can make or break any habits, and you will be unstoppable on your road to becoming the person you admire the most or who is your ideal when you start using a bullet journal habit tracker.

It’s not a hidden fact that behaviors are a reflection of a human’s habits. And habits are the collection of people’s moods. And that automatically makes the habit tracker bujo (bullet journal) very important. The fact that you’ve decided to focus on your moods to follow some good habits says a lot about how dedicated you are toward your goal and we just have one thing to tell you, stay focused on your road and do not give up!

What Do You Need to Create Bullet Journal Mood Tracker?

Now since we’ve established the fact that there are so many interesting and unique types of habit tracker bullet journal that you can create, we tell you how you can make some of the coolest themes for your mood trackers. Check out the procedure below.


It is good to have a strong and sharp stencil in your mind before you dive into creating this bullet journal mood tracker. Always have a rough idea in your mind regarding what you want and also how do you want it. Of course, there are so many ways and you have to decide which road do you want to take up.

habit tracker bullet journal


This step will minimize many major issues like:-

Getting Bored in the Beginning

As aforementioned, this is an artistic thing, and unless you decide on a stencil beforehand, you will get bored while choosing your habit tracker bullet journal. Because we’ve already given you a sneak peek regarding how you have so many options to choose from and thus your work will become lengthy. When you’re already at the first step of creating your bullet journal mood tracker, you will get bored if you don’t have a proper picture in mind. Thus, always decide the topic and then the stencil accordingly.

Might Leave the Hustle Midway

Now we all know the statistics of retention. If a person finds something tedious, he or she will quite organically leave the respective task mid-way. And unless you have the stencil, there are high chances that you will also do the same for the habit tracker mood journal. And nobody wants to be a quitter. You have to understand that everything is a process and you have got to have patience, a great deal of it! To be able to complete your bullet journal habit tracker, and not leave it halfway, don’t forget to have a stencil!

Colorful Pens

As aforementioned, humans have many moods. It’s up to you though, how do you want your moods to look on the paper. You’re the captain of the ship! Colors change actions and cause reactions. Just like the habit tracker bullet journal, there are just so many colors to choose from.

So, next time you go on a shopping spree, don’t forget to take many colorful pens home. Invest a little wisely in some good pens, because they are going to be the voices of your factors.

habit trackers

Emphasizing a bit more, check out the below-mentioned example-

You choose yellow for your happy mood, you decide to choose black for your gloomy mood and you choose a blue color for when you are excited.

Thus, these colors are going to be a determining factor for the bullet journal habit tracker, which is your ultimate purpose. Thus, do not forget to choose these colors with a lot of care and consideration. A little tip from my side, choose your favorite color for your favorite mood. This way, you’ll be desiring to see your favorite color more and you’ll be doing that activity more!

Theme in Mind

And the most important thing you need to design your habit tracker bujo (bullet journal) is finally here. Before creating any great thing, you’ll be needing a theme. A theme is like a menu for your wedding, it’s that important. And that’s the exact reason why you need to be ready with your theme. Since it is your mood tracker, you can choose a theme of your own choice. Thus, a theme is very important. Spend some time thinking about your theme. You can go for topics that you like or are dear to your heart. In that way, you will be naturally motivated to follow your bullet journal habit trackers and that will be helpful in your overall goal.

How to Choose Themes

Art is unlimited, and it is everywhere and for everyone. There are so many unique ideas regarding how can you maintain your habit tracker bullet journal. And new ideas just keep kicking in. But chill out! I have listed down some of the best habit tracker ideas. Check them out.


Snowflakes define uniqueness. There are many myths and beliefs about them, but let the scientists take care of them by carrying out researches and discussions. For us, let’s just simply cherish the beauty of them. When it snows, many people look out for them, because they are just so alluring. They are truly a sight to behold!

mood trackers


And they can be a great idea and muse for your bullet journal habit tracker! Draw them all around your journal and it will totally lift up the overall look.


When all of us are happy and get into our festive zone, remember what’s the first thing that we do? We think of celebrating, and when we decide to celebrate, think about what we think subsequently? We think of bursting crackers and alluring some fireworks in the sky.

Fireworks are fun, gleaming, and fascinating. From little kids to grown-ups, everyone adores them and loves watching the sky while there is a show of fireworks is going on.

Fireworks were primitively invented by the Chinese about 2000 years ago, but they have been used by many other countries for the purpose of celebration. For instance, Americans use them on the 4th of July (so much that it has become like a custom), Indians use them during their much-cherished festival of Diwali and the whole world uses fireworks on the eve of the new year.

Now touching the surface of the bullet journal habit tracker, you can use fireworks creatively in so many ways. Check out the below-mentioned ideas.

bullet journal habit tracker


Hypothetically, Your goal for this month is to start exercising more and have control over your anger issues, then what you can do is, choose the Red color for the indication of your anger and Choose the Blue for every time that you go to the gym, do cardio at home or exercise with your friends!

You can color the outline of fireworks entailing the days, dates, and factors and can fill out your everyday progress in those Blue, Red, or Yellow colors, which will eventually form the shape and color of the actual fireworks.

And at the end of your month (If you have got a monthly goal), when you’ll see the progress BuJo, regardless of the results, it will be aesthetically pleasing to your eyes as well!


Who doesn’t love those high-sky-touching mountains? Nobody. Everybody likes them! Especially if you’re an orophile, you’ll agree with us totally! Mountains are one of nature’s most incredible parts. Good hiking has the power to relax you from your monotonous life.

Now for the BuJo front, you can indeed create so many unique designs when you keep mountains as your main focus. Check out some of the ideas below for a better understanding!

If you don’t want to go with colors and just simply wish to stick with your pencil arts, then this is for you.  You can very easily draw out mountains and fill them with shading or even with your favorite calligraphic art, it will provide a perfect aesthetic touch to it!

bullet journal habit trackers

If you still want to choose colors, go with brown here and showcase the top of the mountain by highlighting it sharply. Don’t forget to add the days accordingly, and you will be good to go!

If you love those snowy mountains and feel that’s the closest representation of heaven, then what you can do is, mix the white and blue watercolor to make it a perfect sky blue, then paint out your imagination on your paper. When you create your BuJo yourself with your own hands, it becomes even more special!

Mood Tracker Ideas

These were just a few of the ideas from my end. However, you can expand your horizon and make habit trackers for the following reasons as well!


  • Eating green vegetables
  • Taking a 10 minutes walk
  • Running for half an hour
  • Avoiding junk food
  • Cardio
  • Skipping
  • 20 Pushups a day
  • Planks
  • Drinking juice
  • Eating 3 fruits a day
  • Losing 2 kgs


  • Writing 3000 words
  • Designing 20 banners
  • Having 50 submissions
  • Recording a song
  • Having 5 client meetings
  • Research a competitor
  • Expand the business

Habit tracker bullet journal can change your life in a good and positive manner if you start using them and maintain a habit with dedication and discipline. Just have a focused mind and an optimistic heart and do not forget journaling every day of every week, month, and maybe a year!

We live in the 21st century. Full of rush, full of competition. The pressure is building and steem is rising every step of the way. But you can stay calm even in chaos, by using a habit tracker bullet journal. Start using these habit trackers.

Keep the track of your moods and habits with the help of these amazing and helpful habit tracker bullet journals. Feel free to tell me in the comments down below how is your experience with habit trackers and what will you like me to blog about next!

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